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Googling your way through a project is stressful

Stop collecting bits and pieces from YouTube and blog posts:
  • Those processes and tools don’t work together.
  • It’s the same old theory from PMBOK Guide.
  • It feels like collecting a puzzle.

Fortunately, you can use a tested and proven project management approach

Every great project manager knows that learning from the practical experience of others is the secret to rapid professional growth.

  • You gain confidence in your knowledge and skills.
  • You get a consistent project management approach.
  • You can actually use what you learned. 

Plan To Become A Great Project Manager

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Get The Book

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Learn the Approach

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Become a Great PM

We Know How Stressful It Is To Lead A Project While Searching For Solutions At Each Step

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Frequently Asked Questions

After placing the order, I’ll send you an email containing links to the book in different formats.

Due to the digital nature of the product, there’s no way you can return them. Therefore, I don’t issue refunds for the Practical Project Management book.

Yes, it will teach you a simple project management approach that actually works in the real world. Moreover, you’ll get a project management FRAMEWORK. So, everything you’ll learn after reading the book will have its place in this framework.

Also, it will save you time learning overcomplicated theory that you’ll never use in your career. The book contains only what you need to be a great project manager.

The project Management approach described in the book comes from 11+ years of practical experience as a software project manager. Therefore, after reading this book, you will:

  1. Validate your knowledge and skills.
  2. Compare your approach with mine.
  3. Discover practical insight on how to overcome common project management challenges in practice. 

The Paperback version is available on Amazon.

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