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“Helps you understand how projects are actually done in practice.” 

 – Fanni Toth CAPM, Deloitte Project Manager

“Practical approach, no theory, you can apply what you learn right away.”

– Verified Amazon customer

“Shows you real-life applications and how to customize countless spreadsheets to suit your needs.”

-Verified Amazon customer


Managing projects in the real world doesn’t have to be.

As a project manager, you’re tasked with solving complex problems and leading teams under pressure. You’re dedicated to learning and self-improvement, striving to be the most efficient project manager you can be. 

But have you ever wondered

  • How great project managers work behind the scenes?
  • How to systemize your approach?
  • If there’s a better way to do things?

Enter: Practical Project Management: proven framework that great project managers use in the real world.

Packed with real-world examples, actionable insights, and practical templates, this book provides a proven framework you can use right now to become more efficient.

It’s designed to give you the confidence you need to tackle any project and know you’re doing it right.


Diving into the depths of Google for project management know-how is exhausting.

Many project managers learn on the job, spending time and money piecing together information from online courses, videos, and articles.

But a lot of what you find is just theory, which offers limited practical help in your day-to-day project management challenges.

“Highly recommend this book. It is very practical. All theoretical concepts are transformed into applicable advice.”

– Verified Amazon customer

Read This Book If...

  • You’ve been lurking around in your (dis)comfort zone for far too long
  • You’re tired of the Google rabbit hole
  • You’re a beginner who needs to professionalize your processes
  • You’re experienced but want to validate or improve your processes
  • You want to see how other project managers execute real-world projects
  • You’re searching for a repeatable, proven framework


from becoming a great project manager

Step #1:

Read the book

Step #2:

Implement the framework

Step #3:

Master Project Management

Your purchase of Practical Project Management includes:

Engaging Videos: Step-by-step tutorials walking you through key concepts

Ready-to-Use Templates: Professionally designed templates you can use immediately

Practical Real-Life Examples: A look inside successful projects as they unfolded

About the Author

Dmytro Nizhebetskyi is a skilled IT Project Manager with over 12 years of practical experience. Originally from Ukraine, he is a respected project management mentor and the visionary founder behind IT PM School — a single source of truth for comprehensive project management knowledge and skills.

Dmytro’s mission is to develop 10,000 exceptional project managers and leaders by sharing pragmatic advice, actionable insights, and effective tools proven to work in real-life scenarios. 

With a wealth of experience managing projects ranging from simple to highly complex, Dmytro recognized the need for practical guidance in the field.

Practical Project Management offers a radically practical framework for project managers who want to streamline their approach. It has helped over 1800 professionals navigate the complexities of project management with ease.

It will help you too.

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