Discover How to Become a Senior IT Project Manager With Really Strong Skills

Get a proven professional development plan designed to get you to a senior-level role without committing to yet another theoretical certification.

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Project Management

“Helps you understand how projects are actually done in practice.” 

 – Fanni Toth CAPM, Deloitte Project Manager

“Very well explained at last for me!!! Most of the PMBOK stuff is theory and this is really practical!”

– Albert, Project Engineer

“Simply one of the best managers and mentors I knew.”

– Vitaliy, Senior IT Project Manager

Dmytro Nizhebetskyi is a skilled IT project manager who has gained the trust of project managers across the world.

Originally from Ukraine, he is an author, the CEO of IT PM School, and the creator of the YouTube channel IT Project Managers – where he delivers practical project management advice to over 41.6K subscribers.

With over 12 years of experience in training mid- to senior-level project managers and a wealth of practical experience managing projects ranging from simple to highly complex, Dmytro recognized the need for practical guidance in the field.

That’s why you will become proficient in all areas of project management required in the real world with real people.

Team members will nod in approval to how you plan the project, lead meetings, and work with stakeholders.

You’ll feel an enormous boost of confidence because you manage the project like a pro.

“I help ambitious project managers connect the dots between theory and practice