It’s Time For You to Become A Great Project Manager:

Online Course to Help You Master all Aspects of IT Project Management in the Real World

Here's the problem

Mastering all aspects of IT Project Management is overwhelming

…if you need to google your way through a project.

You can research comprehensive project management articles and videos on the internet and still experience the following:

  1. Project failure and disappointed team.
  2. Angry boss constantly looking over the shoulder.
  3. People start complaining about the quality of management.

But I believe you shouldn't have to manage projects through trial and error

Instead, use a tested project management approach!

  • Learn every aspect of IT project management.
  • Lead your project team with confidence.
  • Become a great project manager!

We know how frustrating it is to search each step on the internet.

This proven PM approach helped 2347+ project managers to lead projects in the real world with confidence.

testimonial on course at IT PM School from Vitaliy

Vitaliy Tymoshenko, IT Project Manager

“I’m pretty sure nowhere can you find such a unique mix of real-world experience and book learning. Simply one of the best managers and mentors I knew.”

Testimonial from Albert Dube the IT PM School student

Albert,Project Engineer

“Very well explained at last for me!!! Most of the PMBOK stuff is theory, and this is really practical!”

Nikita the supporter of IT PM School

Nikita Puz, Senior Project Manager

“I learned a lot from Dmitriy, and if I were to choose, he’d be the first person I would want to work with on a project of any complexity.”

Get The Support You Need to Become a Great Project Manager

Practical IT Project Management

This certification course teaches all aspects of IT project management you need to know in the real world.  It comes with set of tested templates and tool. It will transform you from a self-taught manager into a professional PM.

Project Manager's Career Accelerator

This is the most comprehensive program for IT project managers who want to get 5x more interviews, negotiate 10-20% higher salaries, and climb the corporate ladder. Set yourself up for success within the next 14 days!

Your Professional Development Plan:

Step 1: Get Access

All course materials are pre-recorded. You can learn at your own pace.

Step 2: Master

Learn the whole approach or jump to areas you need right now.

Step 3: Apply

You can use everything you learned on your project right away.

Most project managers don't have formal education!

That’s why they must learn from the internet: Read articles, watch YouTube videos, and download templates.

Unfortunately, most of the information on project management online doesn’t work in the real world.

This can make you feel like you’re still learning the basics while everyone else is already at an advanced level.

The fact is you must test and adapt the things you have learned online to your project.

But every successful project manager knows that you shouldn’t have to do trial and error while leading people. You should be a confident leader!

That’s why I know how stressful it is to search for solutions for each practical problem you face.

After you get the course, you’ll become an efficient project manager. You’ll start leading with confidence – it will boost your career.

Of course, you can continue to search online for answers, but you may end up learning processes and tools that don’t work well in real companies with real people.

But instead, imagine how it would feel to become the go-to person for project management and leadership topics – that could be you!

Do you want to become a great project manager?

Project Management Tutorial:
12 Years of Experience in 45 Minutes