Is It Time For You to Become A Senior IT Project Manager?

Online Community with Comprehensive Courses to Help You Get Senior IT Project Manager Role in 45 Days

But Here's the problem

Juggling multiple projects takes all your time and energy

Committing to yet another online course and developing your career seems impossible while:

  1. You sit in back-to-back meetings all day.
  2. You need to google your way through the project’s challenges.
  3. Impostor syndrome impedes all your decisions.

But every successful project manager knows a secret:

“Learning from someone else’s experience is the best way to become a Senior IT Project Manager!”

You can get access to a PM mentor with 12 years of practical experience leading IT projects and:

  1. Use a tested project management approach.
  2. Discover insider’s tips to career development.
  3. Get a senior-level role and increase your salary.

We know how frustrating it is to search each step on the internet.

This proven PM approach helped 2347+ project managers to lead projects in the real world with confidence.

testimonial on course at IT PM School from Vitaliy

“Simply one of the best managers and mentors I knew.”

– Vitaliy, Senior IT Project Manager

“The program is a true investment in yourself and Dmytro supports you every step of the way!”

– Amia, Senior Financial Project Manager

“I am very happy that I invested in the course, five stars all the way.”

– Leonard, IT Project Manager

Your Professional Development Plan:

Step 1: Get Access

All course materials are pre-recorded. You can learn at your own pace.

Step 2: Get Support

Learn together with your PM mentor and a community of like-minded people.

Step 3: Get Promoted

Apply up-to-date knowledge and skills to boost your career to a senior-level role.

Why is IT Project Management so Hard?

Discover How to Become a Senior IT Project Manager With Really Strong Skills

Get a proven professional development plan designed to get you to a senior-level role without committing to yet another theoretical certification.